Helping Haiti Achieve Autonomy At The Grassroots Level   

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  • Mission Statement

    To empower Haitians to live productive and self-sustainable lives.
  • Our Vision

    We see a day when investors, rather than missionaries and philanthropists, flock to Haiti. When Haiti is a model for self sustainability and green energy.  We see a day when Haiti puts children's rights as a priority and Restaveks do not exist. We see this day as possible because we believe in the spirit, abilities, innovation and adaptability of the Haitian people.  We hope to see a day when Haiti is well on her way to once again becoming the Pearl of the Antilles.

Our Work

Below are some pictures of our projects.

Gressier, Haiti

Tim Hicks & Don King conduct an environmental assessment of property where the Trash2Electricity plant will be built.

Trash to Electricity & Water Production

Trash removed from the streets and gullies of Port-au-Prince will be separated and cleaned. Combustibles will be washed and dried, then incinerated and turned to gas. Heat from the incineration process will be used to desalinate ocean water into pure drinking water.

Onaville, Haiti

Members of the team and local authorities of Onaville - location of the well at Living Waters Ministry.

Carrefour, Haiti

Nicesse, Pastor Louis Jean Christian & Dr. Willem Philippi examine food purchased to feed orphans.

T.H. Calhane

Culhane building a Puxin biodigester like we want to build in communities in Haiti.

Gressier, Haiti

Trash will be collected and recycled into energy.

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